Friends of Layla Stories

Always A Friend

If there’s one thing people remember about Layla, it’s that she was a friend to everyone. She was the first to greet a new student at school or say hello to a stranger at the store. We like to think of her in Heaven as the “official greeter”. Through our journey, we have made so many new friends. Some are survivors, some are fighters, and sadly some are angels like Layla. It’s our honor to share their stories, in the words of their families.
Friend Stories


Briley Grace was born and by all accounts appeared healthy, but at about 12 hours her dad noticed that Briley was struggling to breathe, panting

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Friend Stories

Super Stan

Stanley Harbour Evans, otherwise known as SuperStan, was an amazing little boy with a beautiful smile and a heart of gold. SuperStan was a courageous

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Friend Stories


“I think you should have a seat”…. The worst seven words a parent can hear. On December 1st, Maggie-Jo Roqueni aka “MJ the Fighter” was

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More Stories:


Carson was born hypotonic and started receiving physical therapy at 4 months of age. He was referred to neurology at that time as well. He

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Isaac was dx at 3 yrs old. He did four months of chemo and six weeks of proton radiation. He was cancer free for eighteen

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Back on June 12th, 2018, my son Shaun was rushed to the hospital where we found out he had a brain tumor that had ruptured.

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My daughter Megan is 15 years old and fighting a high-grade Glioma in her spinal cord. It is considered Glioblastoma Multiforme grade 4, but with

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Our son Daniel, age 6, was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in March 2016 at age 3 and is currently in remission.  Traditional treatment for Medulloblastoma involves

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