Our Mission – About Layla’s Legacy

Being a non-profit organization, we often get asked:
“What exactly do you do?”

As important as that question is, the bigger question is:
“Why do we do it?”

Your child has cancer

are words no parent should ever have to hear


Each year, an estimated 300,000 children will be diagnosed with pediatric cancer worldwide. 1 out of 5 will not survive, while the other 4 will likely suffer life-long side effects from treatments that are decades old.

Layla’s Legacy is committed to funding innovative pediatric brain cancer research that will find a cure in our lifetime.


When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it impacts the entire family. During long hospital stays, both the child and caregiver are away from home, leaving the other parent, grandparents, and friends to provide support.


Advocacy is awareness in action. But awareness of what? With only 4% of the federal budget for cancer research going towards pediatrics, there is a huge gap in research that needs to be funded and actual funds available to fund it. We are on a mission to make people aware of this gap and want to jump up and take action to fill it!

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