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Please use the form below to tell us about your child. There is a place to upload their photo as well. We do our best to have all submissions updated on the site within a week after they are submitted. Thank you for allowing us to share your journey with others!


Briley Grace was born and by all accounts appeared healthy, but at about 12 hours her dad noticed that Briley was struggling to breathe, panting or what looked like she was trying to catch her breath. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect- Tetralogy of Fallot. To be diagnosed with TOF your

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Carson was born hypotonic and started receiving physical therapy at 4 months of age. He was referred to neurology at that time as well. He was pretty much blind and his head circumference had increased 9 cm since birth. All body scans were completed and the MRI of his brain showed some changes within the

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Addie is a spunky, smart, sweet and loving 5-year-old. In May of 2017 at the age of three Addie had a seizure while we were on vacation in Florida. It would be three months before we were finally able to have an MRI but on August 9th of 2017, we were told that our daughter

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