Back on June 12th, 2018, my son Shaun was rushed to the hospital where we found out he had a brain tumor that had ruptured. After 2 brain surgeries that early morning and a week in ICU, we found out that he had a type of brain cancer called Medulloblastoma.

We immediately started a treatment plan that consisted both of radiation and chemo. He had 6 weeks of radiation (Monday-Friday) and he was sedated every time. After we finished radiation, we took a month break to let his body recover so we could start chemo. His chemo plan was supposed to be for nine months with follow-up MRIs every three months. We made it through four months of chemo before his next MRI showed nine new tumors growing between his brain and spine. There are four throughout the brain and five growing down his spine.

Shaun’s oncologist immediately had us switch chemo plans to buy him some more time –  hoping to either keeping his tumors the same size or to shrink them.

With how aggressively his cancer is spreading, Shaun has about a year or less to live. Shaun’s body didn’t tolerate the new chemo well which led him to be admitted to the hospital for almost 2 weeks. His oncologist and I believe it will be in his best interest to stop chemo and let him be a happy 5-year-old! We are hoping and praying for a miracle, but through all of this, he has been the strongest and bravest person I know!

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Friends of Layla

Layla’s Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization funding innovative pediatric brain cancer research while bringing hope and help to families impacted by the disease.

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