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Sponsorships, donations, events and fun runs, Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, shopping our t-shirts or even just using our Amazon Smile link: it all makes a difference. #domore

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Golf, Gala, Runs and more. We have something for the whole family!

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To become a monthly contributor to Layla’s Legacy and receive your FREE gift, visit our membership page HERE!

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Make a difference and become a sponsor for Layla’s Legacy. Learn more about the benefits and levels of sponsorship HERE.

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Share with your closest circle why our work at Layla’s Legacy to fund children’s brain cancer research and support families in the fight truly matters to you! By personalizing your fundraiser with a specific goal, heartfelt message, and a meaningful photo, you can make a powerful impact within your own community. A few clicks and you are ready to go!

The Round-Up App has created a super simple way to donate your change from any purchase and donate that to your favorite nonprofit.

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Our message to the world is to #DoMore for kids with cancer. Awareness is the first step, but ADVOCACY is what creates ACTION! From a lemonade stand to a toy drive, no contribution is too small. Wear your Layla’s Legacy gear proudly and tell people all about it! Multiple styles and colors available!

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