*Fingers crossed I don’t get sued over the title 😉 Last week I took a little trip to my therapists home office up in Argyle,

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Bring the pain

Pain is an interesting notion, isn’t it?  We use the word to cover all manner of topics: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual; and each person has

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Out of the darkness

*before I start, I feel like I need to caveat this post by saying the struggle is real….and I don’t mean that in a hashtag

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Square One 

Well this was unexpected.  Here we are facing this giant again and he seems so much bigger this time.  On the phone with Layla’s oncologist

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New Beginnings

Beginnings are awesome.  Marriage, babies, graduation, a leap into entrepreneurship – all of these things mean a new start.  Beginnings mean hope for the future

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Tired as a mother

Tired As A Mother I’m tired y’all.  I’m not sure there’s even a word to describe the amount of tired that I am.  Exhausted, weary,

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Cancer Doesn't Stop For COVID-19

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